List of 150+ directories to submit your product

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    This list was basically my starting point for my 400+ places list (I've added Facebook groups, makers communities, blog post opportunities and chat groups)

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      Yup, I can personally vouch for Xavier!

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    Wow that's really free sharing 🙌. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 3

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Just curiosity, why you point directly to the airtable file, and not the website that makes the hard work to list this directories. At least, they will receive traffic to the website, and maybe new client...

    1. 1

      Well, I think this is the wrong way to see it.

      If I just dropped a link to their website, the post would probably not be on the front page of IH. But by dropping a public Airtable link, with their name on the Airtable, I think they are going to see more visitors :) !

      1. 2

        ok, got it. well, I don't think the same, but nevermind, all good.
        At least, you didn't take the data, make a new airtable, and sell it, like MANY other people are doing it ;)

        1. 1

          Well... I hope they got some visitors / customers !

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    Very useful; thank you for sharing.

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      Thanks for sharing :)

  6. 1

    Thanks for Sharing!!

  7. 1

    Awesome. Great contribution.

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    What does DA stand for?

    1. 2

      Domain authority. For SEO.

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