eSports July 9, 2020

List of esports projects on IH

orliesaurus @orliesaurus

Hey, would be awesome to start a thread to see who's working on esports project here on IH!

I would suggest doing it like this:

  • What you're trying to solve in esports:
  • URL:
  • Twitter:

I will go first

  • What you're trying to solve in esports: Helping esports teams automate their audience engagement
  • URL:
  • Twitter: @sunglassesface

...and you?

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    no projects for me - but love just talking about esports.

    1. 2

      I love talking about esports too, I have a close friend who owns a team and we talk about it all day!

    2. 1

      Any particular game that you like?

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        for me it's League of Legends & Overwatch mostly!

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    Not much there yet (and probably will take a while) but I want to have a place (simpler than the liquidpedia) where I can go and check when is the next game.

    I'm thinking this for any sport / esport. Might start with SC2 which is my thing.

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      I also miss games because the platforms all have their own segregated way to notify you about upcoming games!

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    Not me, but one of our customers at Outseta is working on a really interesting e-sports project— Their CEO is

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      Are you familiar with PlayVS ? They're also in that space, cool thanks for sharing!

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    Solve: Make esports easier to watch and support. We provide, news, calendars, overviews, schedule, and rankings for every tournament, VoDs, and most importantly a 24/7 live stream of all currently live tournament.



    I'd love to get some feedback from anyone interested in Esports or gaming. Hopefully the site makes it easier to follow news and watch matches.

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      I think there's a huge potential for noob-friendly streams, not just reminders and overviews/schedule/rankings.
      For example, I would love to watch some Smash games but I have NO IDEA what's going on and the commentators don't make it simple for me to understand. It would be dope if someone solved that issue by re-commentating videos of games that have passed!

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        This is a great idea and the exact kind of issue I am trying to solve.
        I don't have time to deeply follow games and leagues so I am hoping this site can help people in a similar situation. Most people I speak to about it seem to identify with the issue.
        I am planning on producing YT videos, noob-friendly streams is a great idea for a category.