List of places to submit your startup (for free!)

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    Great resource Hugo. Please add https://startuplist.africa

    It is dedicated to African startups.

    PS: I am behind the project.

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      Interesting list Bobby. Isn't it a bit unfair though to compete with Jumia, Hollard Insurance and Steinhoff (est. 1964) to be considered a top startup?

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        Hey thanks for the comment. We’re diversifying categories for each list to ensure that the startups can have a fair chance of competing and climbing up the ranks.

        We are working on introducing more lists based on various metrics.

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    I am building nocodetstartups.in. It is not yet launched but going to release MVP before October. In short it is the product hunt for startups/ products made with no code / low code. Become the very first early adopters of nocodestartups.in by signing up. We are going to target and operate whole no code / low code industry.


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      Awesome, i'll add this too

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    Great thread Hugo! Please add Pitchground.com to the list - we're a leading SaaS marketplace where we sell lifetime and annual deal codes to a global audience by taking care of all marketing and education and helping founders grow for $0 cost to them. Founders can connect with me via Twitter DMs!

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    Very cool, thanks for the value!

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      Thanks to you for the nice words!

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    Very helpful. Thanks for sharing, especially Reddit list is quite fancy.

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    Would be cool if you add https://firehunt.io up there

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      Good suggestion! I'll add it

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    Hey everyone! I found this great resource with like 200+ places to post your startup on. After going through them all to post Namy.ai (my own startup), I made a smaller curated list of the ones I liked the most. I highly recommend going through them all and doing this yourself; it's great for SEO backlink juice.

    If you want the original GitHub repo, you can find it (and contribute! make a PR) here: https://github.com/mmccaff/PlacesToPostYourStartup

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    What kind of startup did you do? If you are in Nocode, or SaaS, message us on Twitter saasjournal or nocodejournal. We will help publish your product online in our digital magazine.

    You can check our website.

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    Thank you for this list Hugo and thank you everybody who added additional links!

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    Good stuff. Thanks Hugo!

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    Hey Hugo,

    thank you for sharing this.
    We at https://www.dglegacy.comy also strive to explore new channels to reach our objectives.
    Thank you!

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      Can you explain a little bit more about DG Legacy? I tried looking at your website, but I don't think users can advertise or list their own startups there?


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        Excuse me Hugo, my bad.
        I misinterpreted some the information in your post.
        Thank you again for the valuable list! :)

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