Growth July 7, 2020

Listen to Feedback or Do the Marketing?

Vaibhav @vd

Hey IndieHackers,

So, I launched my first Saas App, Designtack exactly 1 week ago.

Now, From all the initial users, I have been for receiving a good amount of feedback regarding what are the things that can be improved.

Although, I am not sure if they are my customers but then again, I am appreciative of the feedback. I feel like I am stuck between marketing or shipping the code. 😥

Should I work on the feedback received from the users?
Should I focus on marketing and work on bringing in new users?

Thank you,

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    Keep an eye on the feedback queue, if things are so critical or multiple customers pointed to you should work on it. Otherwise, I think you should focus on marketing till you have enough feedback that either support or contradict the initial feedback you got.

    Many customers ask for random features, so make sure you understand why they need that you will be surprised with what you might find out

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      Agree. I kinda did that only. I collected the feedback and categorized them to see which one is most asked and least asked feedback etc. Thank you for your thoughts.

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