April 5, 2019

Little things: Day 4 of #The100DayProject

Chris @blunicorn

Today was day 4 of #The100DayProject where I'm attempting to start a non-profit organisation in 100 days. It was the first day that I really struggled to find any time - lots of work meetings, commuting, parenting and cooking. Given the whole point of the project is to at least 'do something' every day I've pushed really hard to achieve a few small things, but nothing exciting or challenging.

So, what where they?

  • I added the new logo to the social media profiles
  • I added the logo to target2030.org and I also made and added the favicon
  • I created email signatures that reflect the new branding
  • I emailed 2 notaries to arrange meetings about non-profit formation. I've not heard back but will call them on Monday if they haven't replied :)

That's it! It's funny how I'm already beating myself up for the lack of progress and it's only day 4 haha, if I reflect on the past 4 days efforts and realise I'm only 4% into the project I feel quite reassured though.

There is one major(ish) setback that I stumbled into in the last few days, that I need to renew my passport before legal formation can be undertaken (especially given I live outside my home country). There's plenty of groundwork to be done in terms of building out the agenda for the non-profit and refining the pitch, outlining the pilot projects I have in mind etc, but it still slows other things down too e.g. I can't sort out the bank account until the legal entity exists, I can't set up stripe for donations , etc etc. Anyway...I've fast-tracked the paperwork to renew my passport, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed and do everything else I can in the mean time :)

Happy Friday IHers!

Here's today's IG post: