Live Coding Side Projects

I like side projects because it is a creative space where it allows me to learn new technologies as a software engineer. I also like the idea that it has limitless potential to generate some side income. If not monetization, it is just a great way to grow your skillsets.

I invested a lot of money in recording gears this year. My wife and I started a media company and we have goals to create few podcasts (more info to come). Having all these awesome tools, I dabbled in doing some live streaming and I really enjoyed it.

Inspired by Pieter Level’s 12 startup project, I thought I would challenge myself to live coding a few of my small projects I wanted to start.

I think it will give me accountability, and I wanted to be transparent on how I start side projects in hopes to make some extra cash. I will share all the tools I use to run my side business and share all the process of creating a simple application using Ruby on Rails.

The first project is called, Passion Kit. I will be deploying as I am building so you can literally see the progress at https://passionkit.co.

This project was inspired by Li’s passion economy projects. She is an amazing resource if you are a creator in the passion/creator economy.

Similar to Side Hustle Stack, I will be building a product list of all the tools that creators (or small businesses) can use to grow their audience and/or to run their business. While Side Hustle Stack gives an amazing analysis of each product, I will be making review youtube videos for each product. It will be a merge of Side Hustle Stack and Product Hunt in many ways, where people can comment, vote, and even share their own business stack.

My goal is to help other creators utilize tools and give better guidelines so they will be spending more time on creating valuable content as opposed to trying to figure out systems.

Every time I work on this project, I will be live streaming at:

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sicktastictv
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmOM0q8NdyjsvzaAd58EiQQ/

I will also use this newsletter to update the progress.

Here we go! 💥

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