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LIVELYBG - Video virtual backgrounds for zoom meetings

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    Most of us are now connected via video conferencing apps more than ever. I like the idea of video virtual background feature provided by zoom and other video conferencing apps. I found myself interested in making cool virtual background videos recently, and I see it as a new way for self-expression. I shared some of the virtual background with my friends, and realized there's no easy way to share your video virtual background with others, so I spent a couple of weekends building this hobby project -- LIVELYBG.com

    Besides just looking cool, a virtual background also provides a new way to start a conversation. Your friends or co-workers may ask

    "wow, what's that in your background?"

    "it's Cyberpunk 2077, a video game I've been playing recently, despite bugs here and there, it's beautiful and the story and lines are the best , I really love it"

    So you see, it provides a new opportunity for promotion as well. For example, say your favorite local coffee shop is now struggling to run their business. You film a virtual video background, use it and also share it. Then people will ask what's that and it's your time to tell.

    For now, I only uploaded a few virtual backgrounds from video games, as it's the easiest way to get fancy looking ones, but in the future, I am thinking to get some fancy real life clips, in places like coffee shop. And not just fancy looking ones, I am also thinking making funny ones. It's not an easy time we're living in right now, it would be nice if you can share some good laughs with your friends.

    As for now, I am just making this for fun on the side, there could be bug here and there 😅, but will improve it over time. Please feel free to let me know if there's any feedback, and hope you enjoy some virtual background videos I made 😊🙌

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