Livestream UX sessions - Designing my micro-SaaS product landing page (7+ years of UX experience)

Hello people!

Today I took the courage and tried something new. I live-streamed while designing my product thinkoutloud.io for 2 hours!

My vision is to become a full-time indieHacker, create practical educational UX content and build my own micro-saas products.
Thinkoutloud.io is the first product I am working on and I decided to build it fully in public and share my insights and process with the community.

I've been designing and coding products for more than 7 years now as a freelancer, full-time design lead and now indiehacker. UX is one of my biggest passions!

Live-streaming is a fun and social way to share what I do, help other indieHacker learn about UX by showing my full-process and to also connect with them on a personal level.

6 peopled watched in total and I got some pretty good questions on the live chat!

Was it scary? Oh yes. A lot.
Did I do mistakes? Yes, a lot of them but the point is I started!
Was it fun? Hell yes.

Check out my first episode and feel free to comment with your thoughts!
I hope you'll find it useful. 🤞


  1. 3

    It is a great idea! I love it!

  2. 2

    Commented on your other post already. I watched it live and it was really cool. 🔥

  3. 1

    Congratulations! Great way to start the new year.

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot! Indeed :)

  4. 1

    This is great Jim, kudos for having the courage to build in public 🙌 It would be awesome to have you (and other IndieHackers) building in public on a Makers event on Balloon 🎈 (https://www.joinballoon.com/). Let me know if you're interested setting this up!

    1. 2

      Thanks a lot! I may ping you in the future in case I organize some kind of online/webinar event around UX - for now I just stream with restream.io and keep it simple and focused :)

      1. 1

        Sounds good Jim, keep up the great work 🙌

  5. 1

    The video is good and informative. But it's long so hard to see the full video. If you can add something to make it more interesting, like crack some joke, it will keep people going longer.

    1. 1

      Good point, thanks for sharing! I totally agree and it's smth I am going work on in the future for sure.

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