London January 25, 2021

London Indie Hackers - what are you working on this week?

Charlie Ward @charlierward

Drop some info on:

  • what your project is
  • your 3x key goals this week
  • anything else you want to mention!

I'll go first:

  • My project's - the weekend co-working club for bootstrappers
  • My key goals are to finish the Product Hunt listing, update the community guidelines and plan a pilot for a new feature
  1. 2

    Project: Job Description AI

    Key goals:

    • Get feedback from early signups.
    • Write a blog about my experience launching on HN vs PH (I landed 5th product of the day yesterday 5th product of the day)
    • Write a use case for users signups using email/password vs social login.
    • Post to startups directories.

    Good luck to all!

  2. 2

    Officially in London, but in fact, somewhere very hot, next to a sunny beach that I don't have time to see... The Indian Ocean is beautiful, I wish I had more spare time. I'm working on

    My key goals:

    • More content writing and curation
    • Find some interesting businesses, products or services to promote
    • Add more affiliate links
    • Slay a few bugs

    Good luck and have a nice week

  3. 2

    Projects: & - design inspiration sites

    Key goals:

    • Add Clubhouse user flows to Page Flows (thanks for the invite, Charlie!)
    • Tidy up last 10% of Inbox Flows and open up for anyone to sign up to (currently only Page Flows customers can sign up)

    I'm also in the process of moving, so have less time to work on the above

  4. 1

    Working on Bolt - a platform to make it super easy for designers and developers to collect visual feedback from clients or project stakeholders.

    Goals this week

    • Release guest commenting (so that clients don't have to sign up)
    • Work on content for the blog
    • Launch redesigned homepage

    Best of luck to everyone!

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