Twitter August 12, 2020

Longest IndieHackers Twitter list (Currently)

Zeeshan M @codezed

I wanted a quick way to skim through what other IHers are up to.
I feel Twitter is a great notification tool for makers, but I didn’t want to follow each one manually.

I started out by curating my own IndieHackers Twitter list.
In the process, I found out that there have been a few posts here in the past where people have curated a list of IndieHackers on twitter and turned it into Twitter lists

Building on top of the kind efforts of the community + some automation,
I created the current largest Twitter list of IHers

“But it’ll clutter my twitter timeline”

A Twitter list a timeline in itself!
If you feel the list is cluttering your timeline,

  • Go to your lists -> IHers
  • Select "Don’t show these Tweets in Home"
  • Come back to the list when you want to check out what other Indie Hackers are upto
    Hide twitter list from timeline

I created the list for my personal use,
but if you find it interesting, here’s a link to the Indie Hackers Twitter list.


  1. 1

    I felt bad about your first post about twitter list.

    Would you mind sharing how did you curate the list. And I wonder if is there a tool to bulk add handles to a twitter list.

    1. 1

      Yeah after your comment on the first post I realized there were bunch of similar posts where people attempted the same but all attempts were manual with no more than 300-ish handles in the list.

      I wrote a lil script that finds other "indiehackers" twitter lists.. I check them manually and if it looks good, the script automatically imports users from discovered list into my list

      Whenever I interact with Indiehackers on twitter, I still do add them manually of course.

      overall, I'm building the list as well as getting to know more IHers :)

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