Beta Testing September 7, 2020

Looking for 1-2 beta users (Free LIFETIME ACCOUNT)

Travis R. @saaspnr

Hey IndieHackers!

I'm looking to bring on 1-2 beta users for my 2nd act:

I built GitLog because managing a change log sucks. 🥴

Most change logs are very linear, and managing or posting to them can end up being a full time job. Especially if you're shipping features fast.

But they are important. 💪🏼

GitLog is integrated with GitHub, automates most of the change log process for you, offers a product roadmap and feature request board. Tie your feature requests to your feature pushes and complete the customer feedback loop.

I'm offering a FREE LIFETIME license to our fully featured product feedback application to 1-2 beta users.

Would love for you help me shape this product!

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