Looking for a Co-founder and CTO for an On-Demand Grocery Delivery Service Platform in Nigeria.

Hi Community

My name is Chukwueloka and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I am currently working on an online grocery delivery service platform for Africa.

Between 2015-2018, I ran an e-commerce platform in Nigeria where we sold almost all kinds of products on the platform. Of all the products sold on the platform, groceries stood out as it was ordered 10 times more than the rest of other items. From people ordering food items for their dinner to those ordering for their breakfast. We were processing and shipping nearly 100 grocery items a week.

We had a major problem though. We were not able to ship and deliver these groceries fast enough for our customers. Many wanted it immediately within they hour the ordered it. They wanted to use it for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. We failed to meet their expectations.

So after the company closed, I proceeded to start a company that will focus on solving the problems of online grocery delivery. I called it Farehouse, the Instacart of Africa.

Farehouse makes it very easy for online grocery shoppers to shop for their groceries and have it delivered to them in under an hour. It is modeled after Instacart.com.

I am looking for a full-stack developer to join me as a co-founder and CTO. He must be very experienced and skillful in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS, React, PostGreSQL and UI/UX.

Currently, about 90% of the backend and server side development for the MVP is done. So I need someone to help me complete the remaining 10%, do the frontend , connect the 2 together and then launch the MVP. I am looking for a full fledged co-founder and CTO.

If you think you will be a good fit, let's talk.

Thank you.

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    Hello @Chukwueloka Okafor-Ezisi, I'm interested in this project to take off. Let's connect at [email protected]. Thanks

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    Hey Chukwueloka, I run a venture builder www.firstprinciples.io with a team that could handle several aspects of your project, from Devops, product development, to growth.

    Let me know if you would want to chat, [email protected]

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