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Looking for a co-founder to create a game


Recently I've been struggling to find an interesting mobile game so I did a little brainstorming on what an "interesting game" means for me and reached quite precise conclusion. Let's make a remake of Robin Hood the Legend of Sherwood!(https://store.steampowered.com/app/46560/Robin_Hood_The_Legend_of_Sherwood/) - bad reviews on Steam come mainly from this version being super bugged on Win10.

After doing a little research I can say:

Things to consider:

  • decide whether make mobile or PC game
  • what universum base the game in as obviously making a straight remake is copyright infringement

I'm open to any discussion and partnering up to make this fun project a reality ;) Reach me in comments or via [email protected]

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    Hey Miko
    What is your experience in building games? It's certainly not an easy thing to do. Which platforms do you have experience in? Do you code? Do you design?

    You also wrote about people having nostalgic feelings for old games. Sure, but how do you plan on using that information? Since you won't be able to replicate them without being sued.

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