Looking for a co-founder to help grow Caproni, an Indie podcast publishing platform

Hi! I'm Gabriel, founder of caproni.

What is Caproni?

Caproni is a podcast host for businesses and entrepreneurs who are podcasting to attract leads, promote digital products and to grow their online brands.

What stage are you in?

I'm a bit over $100MRR with six paying customers. Also, I participated in the pre18 pre-accelerator program where I got a $20k USD grant (equity free) to help the business.

Who are you looking for?

Would love to collaborate with a co-founder who is strong on marketing, sales and design. Podcasting industry knowledge and experience is a huge plus. Even better if you have an existing audience who would be interested in podcasting 😉

A little bit more about me

I'm a full stack web developer with plenty of bootstrapping experience.

I pay the bills with the income from a EdTech SaaS I run. That project is mostly in maintenance mode and nowadays I'm focused on caproni. Also, soon I'm going to start doing some freelancing on the side.

Most of my career has been spent startuping in one way or another. That is due in part because I value autonomy and independence a great deal.

As for my skills, I can do sales, some design and web app development.

Besides English, I know Spanish and Japanese. I'm a huge Japan lover and hope to live there for at least a few years eventually.

I'm also passionate about using technology for the good of humanity.

My philosophy is more aligned with the bootstrapper/indie hacker model than VC/high growth, but I'm open minded and flexible.

I'm quite idealistic, but I'm also pragmatic. Also, I want to have an impact in the world, but my current priority is sustainability and financial independence.

Next steps

If you are interested, just leave a comment!

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