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Looking for a CTO/co-founder to help build FairArt: a marketplace that will democratise and transform how art is bought and sold online.

[Full-stack] [Remote] [Part time / full time]

Hello 👋 After nearly a year of research, conceptualisation and strategic positioning based on learnings from actively participating in hundreds of art transactions, we are ready to enter the next phase and begin building our MVP.

Some of the things we’re looking for:
• 2+ years experience in building modern web applications
• Prior experience building an application from idea to deployment (bonus points if it was a marketplace)
• Experience integrating payments provider (e.g. Stripe)
• Preferably based in Europe or a manageable timezone from UK/France

👉 FairArt landing page: https://www.fairart.io/

👉 More info about FairArt + job description: tinyurl.com/yxjrrc86

A bit about us:

Me (COO, Product & Design - based in Paris) - I have a Masters in Design Engineering from Imperial College London, and I’m currently working as a Product Designer in an agile team. I have prior experience with coding (React, CSS, HTML, Python, Arduino), but mostly front-end work for personal projects.

Nick (CEO - based in London) - Active member of the start-up community and an established profile as an art collector with an international network of artists, galleries and collectors specialising in emerging contemporary artists and urban art. Several years experience of management in finance.

If you're interested in learning more and having a conversation, please send an email to [email protected] - with a reason why you could be the right person for this role :)

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    Hi Francois, Your project idea is interesting, I would like to know more about this. As a Web and Mobile App team, we always strive to achieve something new and interesting. I have sent you an email for further discussion. My email id is [email protected]

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