Looking for a CTO that will be apart of a world-changing journey!

I am a 20 year old first time CEO that is involved in a fully remote student-led tech startup named Prajix. Our mission is to empower developers from around the world to revolutionize the future we wish to have through online collaboration. What we do is allow developers to create or join project ideas on our platform, where they can find like-minded individuals to team up and collaborate with in our collaboration rooms. We are striving to build the most valuable network of programmers, coders, and developers from around the world into one place, creating a technological powerhouse that will help individuals and communities all over the globe.

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    Ok, so you are the CEO.
    And what is your background and what will be your role (not title)?
    And why and for what do you need a CTO?

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      Hi Altafino! I am a second year software engineer at FGCU. My responsibilities as the CEO is to properly structure and strategize clear campaigns for the team to implement. Along with a multitude of tasks, the everyday direction that my role initiates in is to put the right people in the right places. For our launch come August we will need some extra technical support to take on the feedback from our users and incorporate into our application. As of right now, we're looking for a true tech leader who can take clear action and maintain a tech team in front of them.

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    The design, branding, and social media presence look very good. I do have two business model questions:

    1. Do you have a specific type of projects or group of people you are aiming to target first?
    2. What features do you envision for "collaboration rooms"?
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      1. We're currently targeting developers interested in building anything software related.
      2. Because this is our beta-testing model and we have to limit capital spending the collaboration rooms is a mix between slack channels and zoom meeting integration.
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        1. Do you think that might be too general? Ultimately to get people on your platform, you'll need to concentrate on a specific group to advertise to. Otherwise it will be hard to provide value for early users. Perhaps focusing on game developers or students could be a good first step.
        2. Makes sense.
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          It's been working very well so far, we're almost pushing 1,000 beta waitlist members from just a month and a half of our campaigns. We can have the chance of slimming our target audience when the application launches and we can truly see which users find our application the most helpful for them.

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