Looking for a developer for a facebook community competition app

Hey guys! I'm a community manager of a student entrepreneurship club.
I kicked off a competition that involves everyone in the group.
It really increased the engagement in the group and I believe this could be a cool product for other communities as well.
Currently I display the results in a Canva website - I copy paste the profile pics and names and update the scores manually. Thought it would be cool to automate it. If anyone's interested in executing the idea lmk! :)
I think it could be a quick and fun side project, that we could post on Product Hunt!

Example: https://www.canva.com/design/DAET5roXiUA/rZbIMAgO2cauXCEorLMXBQ/view?website#2

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    Do you have contact info?

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    It is an interesting idea, a rank tracking tool. It would be interesting to know if people would pay to use such an app. Most likely most users would only use it to track 1 contest instead of a monthly subscription.

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      If it helps with engagement they'll deffo pay for it. It could be free up to 3 rounds of questions (After adding scores via comments 3 times). It will stop updating the scores after 3 comments. So they could test it, see if it helps, and if they'd like to continue, they'd have to pay.

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    Hello Tal,
    Just trying to understand?
    Is this a gamification thing?
    Who wins? How do you get points? What's the goal?

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      It's a competition for facebook groups. An admin will be able to add the an fb app that will create a page like the one above with the group members.
      They can do any sort of competition they want and grant points by tagging someone and and adding + ' # points'. For example, (@Thomaslc66 + 15, will move you up on the website and grant you 15 points).
      I, for example, post a question to my community group each week that relates to the group's topic (innovation and entrepreneurship). I change the scores, profile pictures and names manually.

      Automating that process would be a cool MVP that a lot of group admins could use to increase engagement. We could expend it later on to a quiz marketplace and even a local businesses collaboration.
      Some of the questions I post also rewards the winners prizes. A week ago I posted a question that relates to Jeff Bezos's 2 pizza rule, and the winner received pizza that was sent for free by the restaurant I contacted. They gained marketing, and I gained engagement.

      I decided the competition is ongoing until the end of the year. But there's always at least one winner for each question that grants points, and sometimes rewards. At the end of the year there will be one champion who will win a prize.

      My goal: Engagement.

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