Looking for a feedback on a invoicing saas I build over the past year

Hello everyone, I have been working on dippper.com over the past year. It started as side project but once I became a freelancer I started using it to create invoices for my clients. It has been a useful tool to me but unfortunately I could manage to get only 50 users and most of them never came back. As of today this is one of the few side projects that I have built witch has some potential but I don't know how to improve it to get more active users. I would love to hear from you if you have any feedback, this would be a very helpful to me.

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    Congrats on getting the product out. Invoicing apps is a bit of crowded space including open source tools out there. What do you think makes you standout?

    Also, have you thought of integrating a payment gateway? If you ever thought of enabling instalment payment plans as an option, you can check out payflexi.

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    Congrats on getting your product out there and on having the guts to ask for feedback on a public forum!

    Some things I noticed:

    • The website scrolls horizontally for me (Firefox on Fedora 33).
    • From the hero section of your website I can't tell what makes your invoicing app different than other invoicing apps. Why should I use your product over all the other invoicing apps?
    • The hero section has so much text that I don't know what to look at first. If I weren't trying to give feedback, I'd probably stop looking and leave the site.
    • The next section is called "Your invoicing made simpler" but the text below that heading makes your project seem really complicated, especially the parts "manage your clients, products, promotions and taxes" and even more so "the list of customizable fields." → I usually want a product which just works out of the box. If I know that I'll have to customize it (especially if it's a whole list of fields), that will make me run for the hills.

    I'd recommend to check out Julian's landing page guide.

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      Thank you for your feedback, I guess i have to spend more time on the landing page. I wanted to build a flexible template that would be easy to customize and thus suitable for a larger group of businesses. I guess I have to find a way to more efficiently introduce the user . thanks for the reading I really appreciate the time you spend

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        suitable for a larger group of businesses

        I think that this is not the growth stage that you're currently at. You're struggling to find any users at all.

        At that point, it makes sense to focus on just one customer type (e.g. freelance frontend developers), niche down and make the product perfect for that specific group. Once they love your product, you can expand to other markets.

        If you try to build a product for everybody, you end up building a product for nobody.

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