Looking for a marketer!

Hi Indie Hackers!

I'm looking for a marketer to help me take newclick.io to the next level! We've built a pretty cool product and need some help getting the word out. Some of the things you'll be helping with include...

  • Refining Product positioning/copy
  • Generating content (Twitter, blogs, ad creative)
  • Preparing for Product Hunt launch

Some nice to haves would include...

  • Paid advertising chops (Google / Facebook Ads)
  • Experience with conversion rate optimization
  • Experience with e-commerce (Shopify, etc.)

Who am I and why should we work together? I'm a developer who loves working on side projects (soon to be full-time). You can read more about the projects I've worked on here: alexdaro.com

As for why we should work together, well...

  • Opportunity for someone to learn on the job
  • Opportunity for someone to help build a brand
  • Potential for equity ownership
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    @AlexDaro - Curious as to what prompted you to build newclick. Seems like there are many similar tools available -- some dating back like Hello Bar, Sumo (by @noahkagan), OptinMonster, HoldonStranger, Justuno, etc.

    Better/more features isn't usually a good differentiator, so wondering what you think will set newclick apart from the competition.

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      Thanks for the shout out.


      There's almost always room for innovation. Just has to be significant ENOUGH.

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      You’re right. It’s a super crowded space with lots of competitors. We’re trying to differentiate with our scheduling features.

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        Thanks Alex. Fwiw, I've been using these types of tools for 10+ years, on multiple sites, and I've personally never needed scheduling. I may have used scheduling once or twice over total.

        Easy creation of fully responsive forms, A/B testing, rules for different pages, different types of rules to trigger the forms (timed, exit, url param, etc), and ability to store emails in the platform or in an external email system are all top on my list.

        Also, another thing that is super critical is the impact of 3rd party scripts on Core Web Vitals. We've spent countless hours on removing 3rd party scripts (like newclick's js) from my different sites because of the negative impact on CWV.

        Of course, I'm a dataset of one, but figured I'd share this info with you. Hope it's helpful.

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    I'd be interested.

    • I do copywriting/blogging
    • Have experience with FB ads
    • And I used to run a Shopify D2C store.

    DM'ed you on Twitter.

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