Looking for a Marketing Co-founder

I'm looking for a co-founder with strong marketing skills for LandTracts (https://landtracts.app). The app is fully deployed and has been live for several months now. The ideal candidate can understand and help exploit market opportunities, find and attract customers, obtain product feedback, help drive improvement ideas and develop a marketing strategy for growth. The co-founder should be ready to analyze market data and generate copy to support ongoing and future campaigns.

If this sounds like you, check out the site and more details about the app and co-founder objectives here (https://bit.ly/39xSxTe).

  1. 1

    Very nice project! This solution have a great marketing fit here in Brazil! An question, how many paid users do you have since then?

  2. 1

    Thanks to those that expressed interest. I'm currently working on leads and will re-post if they don't work out.

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