Looking for a Marketing guru/Head of growth/2nd co-founder for an EdTech startup.

Hey guys!

I am building an EdTech video sharing platform for schools and students to share smarter ways to learn and understand any concepts quicker. And I am looking for a co-founder who can take the product to the right audience, preferably someone with experience selling software to consumers online or offline.

You will be the second co-founder and will lead all the marketing and sales projects moving forward in the company. If interested, please send me a message and we'll talk more on how we can change the way people learn online!


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    It sounds interesting, my focus are college students.

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    This sounds really interesting and I would like to hear more. I'm not a professional by any means but I'm eager to learn more and have done some marketing before. My email is [email protected] and Discord: mats#7146

    Shoot me a message where ever suits you best!

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      Hey Mats, sent you request on Discord.

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    Greetings, Suyog.

    My experience is based on helping tech and non-tech projects get lift-off fast and bootstrapped. Started with food carts, vinyl records, then early internet tech, then SAAS, and now I wander the landscape of side-projects. Happy to share and listen if you like. I'm based on the west coast of North America. Good luck and have fun with your project.


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    Hey @suyog, where are you based?

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      I am based in India. What about you?

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        Australia. I'd be keen to learn more to see if it is something I feel like I can add value to. I'll flick you an email!

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