Looking for a Marketing Partner in the 🍭 no-code space!

Hey there!

I'm the creator of a no-code platform that - "hosts a Notion page as a website"

I built an MVP for this 2 months ago, but I did not launch it as I found out I'm not an that strong with marketing yet.

I've been a builder/maker of products, and I'm still learning the flywheel of marketing. This means, it might take a long time for me to get this out there by myself, but I don't want to delay it.

👉 I'm looking to partner with someone who is strong at marketing and is excited about the No-code space (and Notion)

The core MVP is ready to go, but we'll be doing some re-branding for a fresh new look and get this to top together!

Comment below or my Twitter DMs are open

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    Since your website is not live I couldn't check it.
    How does your tool differ from everything else that already exists for hosting Notion pages? And what problems are you trying to solve that others have not?

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      Hey, yes. I am doing some changes for the landing site as old one wasn't clear.

      My target audience back then was "users who wanted to make a no-code website and also were users of notion"

      So when I built the MVP, Highlight features were live style editor (css), automatic pretty links, caching. But recently, the competition caught up with all the features.

      Seeing this, I slightly pivoted my product.

      The platform can now also render Notion pages as a custom docs site (https://docs.notosite.com)

      Also, I'm focusing on simplicity and ease of use as another competitive edge.

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        I'm a business and marketing co-founder. If you are open I'd like to test your product and have a look at your website (whatever is available to see) to see if there's anything I can contribute

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