Looking for a Node.js dev for a science startup

Looking for a remote NodeJS developer to help with my startup for scientists - Unfold Research.

Tech stack and role

Nest JS, Typescript, Postgre, Redis (will probably add Bull for async). AWS as a cloud provider (EC2 + managed Postgre, Redis + S3). The front-end is React/NextJS.

The type of business relationship is either some 1) part-time paid contracting or 2) part-time or full-time help with vesting with a cliff. I'd prefer option #2, as to find someone reliable as a mid to long-term engineer who enjoys being in this problem space or working with this tech stack. I am not looking for an equal co-founder.

About the project

Unfold Research is a tool for academics to easily share and discover papers and supplementary materials. One of the long-term goals is to bring content creation to academia, provide voting and privileges mechanics similar to Stack Overflow that would offer new incentives for scientists and eventually disrupt how contributions within academia are measured and rewarded.

Here's a more recent recording of a demo (4min): https://youtu.be/K3IjGHC-ywI

The project is pre-user, pre-revenue.

The project went through several iterations and there's a decent amount of better-than-average quality code on both FE and BE, and recently went through a change that affected FE and BE that made me look for some extra help.

About me

Full-stack developer with ~7 years of experience, served as a tech and team lead previously. I am in the academic space for ~4 years now, and have built some more tools previously.

My Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abstractalgo/
Email: [email protected]

Thank you!

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    Nice stack and good luck!

    Where else are you posting and looking for a dev?

    1. 1

      Local dev communities (Slack, Discord), and will probably ping a few people directly on Linkedin. If you have some more suggestion, do let me know; thanks!

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