Looking for a partner (Chrome Ext)

Hello there,

I'm working on a micro-SaaS idea. It's an interface for Google Drive to organize and search files better.

Why? Google drive got poor usability / UX. It's not easy to organize files into folders and subfolders easily and not easy to find a shared content.

I would like to partner with a developer to build this app.

About me - I built 2 consumer tech startups and built marketing for a supply chain tech startup. Marketing, Product, and design are my areas of interest.

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    I would like to help you, I have experience developing chrome extensions (not finished yet), I am currently building a small MVP around an application to translate files, I would like to know your workflow, I would love to try work in pairs, although I do not speak English fluent (I speak Spanish).
    My skype: [email protected]

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      Hey Fabricio, would love to get on a call with you. Sending you an email.

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