Looking for a partner (Fintech app)

Hello everyone,
My name is Mihai, an optimistic and ambitious web developer passionate about Cybersecurity and new technologies that decided to put his passions and knowledge into an app.

The problem: Millions of pounds are lost by UK consumers every day due to fraud caused by weak passwords, phishing attacks and insecure use of bank cards.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but I know how to make it much better without affecting customer's experience or behaviour. Therefore, I decided to combine the best and latest technologies into an app that withstands bank fraud and phishing attacks, improves customer's experience and rewards all payments with cashback.

I am looking into this community for a partner passionate about Cybersecurity and Fintech who wants to take a COO role to support me in developing an innovative business. If you think you are the right person for this partnership or know someone who does, please feel free to contact me. Then, I can show you the prototype and explain all details behind this idea and how it works.ūü§Ě

Talk soon!

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    As someone who worked in Fincrime at Revolut, I don't really see your selling point. Do you think banks don't care about security? How can you make it better without any data to back up your claims? Are you making a new banking app? Or a security addon for the banks / customers?

    Also, a lot of the times, the bank is the party facing these losses and reimburses the customer.

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      If you worked in Fincrime, you must know that the causes of all bank frauds are: passwords and bank cards. So, if you solve these two problems, there is no bank fraud and phishing attacks. I can't tell you the details because no one combines these technologies in an app yet in the way I want to. Moreover, customer's experience is improved and all purchases are rewarded with cashback automatically.
      I didn't say banks don't care about security; they just use the same old technologies that hackers play with them.

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        Not necessarily. In fact I could argue weak passwords are not even on the list at all.

        But maybe you see something I don't (from the info you've shared at least), so all the best.

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    Hey Mihai,

    I'd love to chat more about your project. I have experience in operations and sales for a range of start ups. Most recently a pre seed fintech in the UK.

    You can reach me here: d.duggan31@gmail dot com or on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan-duggan-380a5994/

    Look forward to connecting, Dan

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    Hi MIhai !

    I can say I have a pretty good understanding of the security environment, and I have been a software developer for the last 20+ years.

    I've had my good share of ideas, some of them in the area of security, but I lack skills in the UI department, more of a backend / algorithms / automation kind of guy.

    Drop me an email at [email protected], we should definitely talk about this.

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      Hi Andrei,
      I will send you a message very soon.

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        Thanks, looking forward to it !

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