Looking for a partner for App

I'm working on a collection of educational apps based around the hospitality industry. I am currently working in the hospitality industry and the apps are aimed at streamlining the training of new and existing employees. Incorporating Flashcards & spaced repetition learning.

I am in the process of learning how to write the code myself by teaming up with someone who already has the skills that will make life easier.

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    👋 Hi, I'm Richard. I'm a lead UX designer and I know front end development.

    Contact me via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-silcock

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    Hi there ONeill_Mor,
    keep in mind there is no DM here so leaving some contacts in your profile or in the message you posting will help people interested to get in touch.
    Depending on where you are with the project I may be able to help, send me more info if you interested (mail in profile)

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    Did you already validate your idea?

    Also this seems to me like a perfect app to use no-code tools for. Way less time to develop and when it is a succes you can always develop the app yourself after. (Or higher developers)

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