Looking for a partner in a book related project


I have been working on this project for the last few years. It is a book search and recommendation engine - BookDetective.net.
Most biz people are not interested in something that even remotely competes with Amazon (even that was not the main goal), but for me this is more than just trying to make a buck.
If you are passionate or interested in the idea, please contact me and I will be happy to share more details.
To be frank I am getting a bit tired working on it alone and I am looking for another pair of hands/eyes/brain bring some new ideas and excitement.
I am open to continuing the project either as commerce or non-profit.

Best regards,

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    @simon3 Let's talk sometime this week or next. This is one of few things that I am into - www.tractionmate.com

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    hey Simon, i thought i should follow you back. tbh, i'm still trying to get used to IH's site features as having trouble finding messages from whoever has messaged me.

    i'm intrigued about your competing with amazon idea. would be interested to chat. how do we do that is my question?

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