Looking for a Podcast Co-host (brainstorming humble business ideas, analyzing how successful solopreneurs did it, ...)

Like many others I love the My first Million podcast. However, quite a lot of the stuff they talk about (especially after the acqusition) is not particularly relatable
for indie hackers and people without a huge network who are just starting out.

So roughly a year ago I started a podcast with this idea in mind and recorded 15+ episodes with all kinds of guests. Here's one of my favorite episodes if you want to give it a listen.

Then I moved to a new country, didn't have a proper workspace, and stopped recording for a while. Now that I've settled here, I want to reboot the podcast. However, instead of talking to a new guest every episode, I'll to do it with a permanent cohost.

I've noticed that with a new guest every episode it always takes time to talk about their background etc. and there is often little time left for all the good stuff. Similarly on the My first Million podcast the best episodes are usually the ones with just Sam and Shaan, and not the ones with guests. (An exception are episodes with recurring guests like Andrew Wilkinson. In fact, my first successful product was inspired by a My First Million episode with Andrew Wilkinson. )

So if you love brainstorming business ideas, chatting about trends, and analyzing how successful indie hackers did it, send me a message!

Comment here, send me a DM on Twitter, or an email to pod [at] jakobgreenfeld.com.

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    Just sent you a DM on Twitter 🙂

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    Hey Jacob, have sent you a DM on Twitter.

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    Love what you're working on! Just dropped you an email!

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    Hi , best of luck, i will surely tune in. Im a second time founder, listen to a whole bunch of podcasts, sadly a lot of them have stopped producing for whatever reasons. I still have my mic from 2 years ago still sitting in a box, i guess that itch was there once upon a time.

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