Looking for a Sales/Marketing Partner for my Apple-native Ad Network

I've been a web and iOS/MacOS developer for a long time, with a good record as a contractor, but a lousy one launching my own products. Here's my latest attempt: it's an ad network for native Apple platform apps. It's called FunLittleAds, and it's a way for indie devs like me to advertise their apps... in OTHER apps.


The product is largely complete: I've been running it in a limited beta for a couple months now, with a couple advertisers, and a single Mac app (my own) hosting the ads. I'm ready to take it to a larger audience, but this is where I have trouble. Spreading the word about my product, getting other developers to pay attention, sign up and host these ads... this is the pickle I'm in.

One of the "pro"s of running with this idea was that I knew developers. And I think, perhaps with enough time and effort, I could eventually onboard enough. But I'm also eager to move forward and make the network a worthwhile investment for advertisers. Having too few apps to display those ads hurts my chances.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure who the right person is to partner with. I'm hoping that someone reads this and can make a case for what I need. Seeing what I have now, what's your vision for this product? How would you see it grow?

My door's open. Impress me with your reasoning, your complete and error-free prose, and a sense of humour. :-) Thanks for reading.

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    I've been in the adtech industry for years and I liked your idea. Is CPM static? Will you pay $3.5 for the US users and India users?

    I guess you need to get in touch with app publishers directly as the first step. Then you can pitch your product to agencies. If my native language was English, I'd be more than happy to join your team.

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      Thanks for writing! Whenever anyone suggests complicating factors, my response has been: it’s FunLittleAds! They’re fun… and little! To answer your question, an Indian mind is worth the same to me as an American one. I have no experience in AdTech so that might be naive, but I don’t like a lot of what I see in that industry and I hope to leverage that to my advantage. Let’s see if we can do this while respecting users, publishers and advertisers… in that order.

      Your written English seems superb; don’t ever think that should prevent you from doing anything.

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