Looking for a SEO Agency

Hello friends,

Does anyone know of an SEO agency with probable experience and who can help us to:

  • Do an audit of the current state of the project regarding SEO.
  • Detect relevant keywords for SEO
  • Rewrite and create SEO-focused content
  • Establish a suitable SEO strategy for our project.

Our project is a digital voting platform.

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    I work with @jic who runs embarque.io for my company mentorcruise.com. He's been running my blog pretty autonomously for the past year, coming up with keywords, strategy and executing the writing. Can't complain! SEO is a long game, but we've seen the benefits pretty quickly!

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      Thanks for the shoutout @dqmonn. Hey @ferran, I'm the owner of Embarque, a productized content marketing agency. We've had pretty high profile startup businesses, such as Riverside, VEED, and, of course, MentorCruise. Let me know if you're interested by sending an email :D.


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    @ferran Hi ferran, our SEO experts have generated over $100k for clients in revenue and are interested in helping out. Are you still looking for someone?

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    Hello @ferran,

    I'm an SEO freelancer with 4 years of experience. Would like to discuss in an email.

    Hiral G.

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