Looking for a super basic analytics app

Hey all!

I'm working with a few SaaS founders to help them optimize their buyer's journey and need to coach them on how to better track key revenue metrics.

Ideally it would be:

  • super easy to use
  • allow for manual data inputs
  • some basic visualization

Any suggestions?

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    Hey Kasey, I'm the founder of pirsch.io. I think it does what you need. Events can be used to do custom tracking :)

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      this is amazing, I really enjoyed it the demo.

      The only thing I would change is the green and red to some other colors. You could use a range og blue's...

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        I'm glad to hear that Michael!

        We thought about adding customization, like adding, removing, and rearranging panels, changing the logo and colors, but that's for a future update :)

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          Sounds, great. But what I meant was for the showcase :-) good luck Marvin, all the best.

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      I like your project, would consider using for my hustle in future. I'd really appreciate you making a demo with Loom and posting it on Landing page. Screenshots are sexy, but I'd like to see how it looks inside. I don't care about privacy part as much as about seeing key stats in 1 place.

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        You can take a look at our live demo: https://pirsch.pirsch.io/

        We working on a bigger update right now, but I could imagine creating a video with some showing how it works :)

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      This looks really cool. Will definitely be looking into pirsch as an option.

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      Hey @m5blum really admire design & simplicity of pirsch great job 👏

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    I'm currently using plausible and am super happy with it.
    I just looked into fathom which seems to be kind of the same product with a nicer UI that is a bit more expensive (to get started).

    However, due to their docs you seem to have a bit more control about the tracking in SPA's which can be quite important. At plausible I have between 250k and 1mio pageviews, but most of them do not interest me at all. In that case, fathom may be way cheaper if you manually track only important pageviews.

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      Plausible is awesome 👏

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    Non-exhaustive list of analytics tools that we established when we were looking for the ideal analytics tool (we chose Segment and mixpanel).

    https://usefathom.com/ (not free, privacy-friendly)
    https://baremetrics.com/ (not free, privacy-friendly)
    https://mixpanel.com/ (High personnalisation, free plan, multiple data input source, can import data set)
    https://plausible.io (not free, simple report, privacy-friendly)
    https://analytics.google.com/ (free, powerfull, import data set, Not privacy-friendly)
    https://matomo.org/ (free if on-premise, plugins are expensive, privacy-friendly, import data set)
    https://www.profitwell.com (free plan, focused for SAAS)
    https://segment.com/ (not analytics tool, but perfect for data centralisation and control the data that we are sending to analytics tool)

    I hope i helped you =)

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      Super helpful! Thank you!!!

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    https://www.darwin.so - free and better than most paid solutions

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      Holy shit this looks really cool. How is this free?

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    Hello Kasey! I just wanted to pop up here and mention that, in case you decide for Plausible, Fathom, Google Analytics (or Pirsch in a few days), you can get a nice email report sent to your clients with https://dailytics.com :)

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    I was looking for something similar and couldn't find it either. I was actually planning on building something like this in the near future. @abetterjones would you want to get together to give input on what it could look like?

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      Happy to. One of the things I'm finding is that it would be really nice to have some of the analytics automated, but the ability to manually add data for other metrics so that you can have it all in one place. That's where I'm struggling. No tool covers everything I'd want to track. I don't mind manually updating things, but I want to be able to look at it all in one place.

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    We just open-sourced https://fusionhq.co
    (Free for startups and self-host option also available)
    you can and customize the dashboard to only see the metric you like and remove others.

    Automatically captures user interaction like pageview, page leave, button clicks etc. No code required.

    Also if you want you can injest custom data mannuly with one line of code.

    We do have plugings to do much more than just analytics eg: live-chat, push notifications from same lightweight dashboard.

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    It's hard to go wrong with Google Analytics. Often the challenge is not that it's hard to use but instead hard to interpret. That's why we've built Signal Flare (https://signalflare.app) EDIT: Correct Link

    --- PITCH STARTING ---

    If it's hard to remember what we had for lunch last Thursday, then how are we expected to remember all the activity that went into generating traffic last month. Or the month before that? Was that the podcast? The newsletter? Paid advertising campaign?

    When you forget your context your lessons are lost.

    Keep track of your marketing activity in Signal Flare and we'll present your notes where you need them the most: right there on the charts in Google Analytics and Search Console.

    Signal Flare puts shared notes into your analytics so your teams, clients, and bosses can quickly understand the changes in the charts without scheduling a meeting.

    Let your analytics tell your story with Signal Flare.

    --- PITCH ENDING ---

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      Did you have the correct link ? https://signalfare.app/ not working for me

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        Thanks Matteo! Ooops.

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    Hey @abetterjones, I'm currently working on a product analytics software called Fugu (https://github.com/shafy/fugu) - it's a super early and basic version. It's open-source and currently free (I'll start charging for the managed version, the self-hosted version will always be free).

    It's really simple - you just call the API to track events and their properties, and then you can see your data in the dashboard.

    If you want to give it a try and give me feedback, let me know. You can sign up here (https://app.fugu.lol) and the documentation is in the GitHub Readme linked above. Make sure to send me an email ([email protected]) if you have any questions!

    Every bit of feedback or feature request is helpful :-)

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    Have a look at splitbee.io

    Not sure what you mean with manual input though

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      I don't just want site data. I want to be able to add other things in...even if it means updating the data manually. Like adding the number of new leads, sales calls, etc.

      I want everything related to growth in one place. And it's REALLY hard to find a tool that can do it all.

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