Looking to Partner Up February 15, 2020

Looking for a tech co-founder (WebRTC/Mobile/Web) for a C2C startup, either part-time or full-time

Nikita Lavrov @vakrolme

I'm building a C2C marketplace for remote shopping over a video chat. So for example, you as a user will pay $15/hour to a surrogate/avatar in Tokyo, contact him via a video call and go shopping to some Japanese flea market, where he'll walk around, show you what's for sale and purchase whatever you tell him to. A week later you receive it by mail. The marketplace manages bookings, payouts, expenses and so on. For many people it would be cheaper and safer than Ebay, and allow for a lot of remote transactions which can't happen otherwise.

I'm now getting close to the launch and already have some users signed up for the waiting list. http://awatar.net

I am looking for a visionary developer to join me as a co-founder, possibly with a part-time commitment at first. The best person for this would be a generalist looking for a constant stream of new challenges covering a diverse set of technologies: WebRTC, native mobile and web apps, backend network architecture, fintech solutions. And a lot more in the longer run.

I'm working on this full-time from Kraków, Poland (UTC+1). I can code in Ruby/Rails, know some Nuxt/Vue, SQL, Elasticsearch, Docker, CSS3. My strong sides are problem solving, asking the right questions, perseverance and good taste.

Let's talk!

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    Sounds like an interesting project I'd love to connect with you. I'm a fullstack developer, I'm quite equiped and sure we could get this thing going. If you're interested please email me at [email protected]

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    Do you use google's stun/turn servers to punch holes in NAT? Been there :)

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      Well, I use Jitsi, which I believe handles stun/turn out of the box — I haven't noticed any problems in that regard yet. My current challenge is actually about maximum allowed bandwidth being too low for my needs.

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        Do you have more than two people conference over webrtc? Or is it a mobile bandwidth issue?

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          Neither. It's just two people, of which only one sends video. But it seems WebRTC implementations (i.e. client platforms) cap the bandwidth at either 2500 on desktop or 1750 on mobile. Here is the topic https://community.jitsi.org/t/video-bitrate-maxes-out-at-1800kbps-on-a-p2p-call/21881/