Looking for a technical co-founder

Hello, I'm currently working on a new project Quonective.

Quonective would be a new professional social network for investors and founders.

What I'm trying to do is change the way you build relationships, validate your ideas, and meet investors by developing a platform focused on entrepreneurs and investors.

A new professional platform for the next gen of investors and entrepreneurs.


I'm looking for someone I can brainstorm with and upgrade the idea if necessary. I'm not a technical person but I have some knowledge on it, also I consider myself an amateur UI designer, I've been doing the platform design by myself all this time.

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    Hi Ivan. I just visited your project and it's cool. I'm a full stack developer looking to partner up with an exciting project. What can I do for you?

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      Hey Oliver,

      Let’s have a talk. You can email me or connect with me via LinkedIn. You’ll fin the info on my profile.


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    Not trying to demotivate, but I personally feel there are just way too many professional networking platforms. What's your USP and why do you think people would want to use your platform over the myriad options?

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      hey Madhur,

      Thanks for replying. You're right there's tons of professional networking platforms out there, but what I'm trying to do is develop a new one focused only on "Investors and founders" If you think about it the other platforms focused on other niches such as: helping companies connect with future employees, or employers with employees or to further your work career.

      I'm just trying to create a new platform for this new generation of investors and entrepreneurs. An exclusive platform just for building connections in the business area.

      Let me know if you have any other question.


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