Looking for a Technical co-founder

Hello Everybody,

I am seeking a technical co-founder for my a platform that connects small businesses with local influencers. The platform would be desktop only with an app in the future.

Market research has been conducted and local competition is present with their focus on large corporations and macro influencers.

I have a list of features needed for the initial MVP and the brands socials have been developed and content is currently being created.

In addition to this i have developed landing pages and am running ads to the pages to generate leads.

I have experience developing startups and have built, bought and sold businesses in the past with experience in social media marketing and business sales. i currently work fulltime with a lot of down time to develop this product. I am located in the Middle-East and believe there is a very strong need for a platform of this nature due to small businesses struggling to keep their doors open due to COVID in 2020. This platform will be a great step forward in offering small brands and businesses exposure and will be affordable.

I have many features i want to include moving forward and would love to expand this to the US and Europe down the track.

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    Hello Brad, I'm Interested in collaborating with you. Let's connect. Thank you.

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    looks interesting, but you forgot to leave some contact details :) (mine are in my profile, feel free to contact me I may be able to help)

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    hello Brad, sounds like a good idea. Im looking to gain some actual dev experience (have been learning to program over the last few years). Not sure what languages etc but if I could be of some help, i would be happy to help. Im working full time too but also a lot of down-time. I started and ran an ecommerce business on Amazon in the past so I have also some all-round experience with ads etc.

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