Looking for a Technical Co-Founder - Creating a Unique NFT Marketplace


My name is Timipre and I am currently the CEO of a DTC E-Commerce Brand Building company for Influencers and High Profile people. We started off by building brands for Chinese companies in the United States and expanded into the Influencer market.

We came up with an idea to create an NFT Marketplace, not just with a US market at the core but also with a heavily targeted Chinese audience due to the connections we have in China.

I am currently looking for a Tech co-founder who can really help us build out what we have planned. There are a lot of NFT Marketplaces out there, but the one we have outlined and wireframed combines a unique business model with a customer-focused platform that emphasizes the user experience first.

This framing will help us stand out in an emerging market where everyone is rushing to capitalize on being the first. Whereas we want to be the best.

I would love to work alongside someone on this project who is interested in this technology, and preferably has similar experiences that can help take this where it needs to go. If this is something that interests you, please send an email with the title 'IndieHacker NFT Marketplace' to:

[email protected]

Thank you

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