Looking for a Technical Co-Founder for the Next Google

Hi, I’m looking for a technical co-founder for the next big thing since Google and join me in disrupting the web!

I can’t tell you about the idea because it’s a secret. You’ll be working on a need to know basis. It’s going to be MASSIVE. We will develop an intricate Agile system where I will tell you what needs to be built on a daily basis that way you are only exposed to the info you NEED to know.

There won’t be any salary, but you might get 5% equity in the company. I’ll be keeping most of the equity since I did all the work to come up with the idea, which is where 95% of the value in this company is.

You should be an expert with at least 15 years of experience in web development, robotics, AI, blockchain, IoT, embedded systems, AR, VR, and iOS. Oh, and Android as well. + iOS wearables.

Looking for someone who is a highly motivated and a hard worker and willing to do a lot of work. You’ll also be working alone in a fast paced product schedule until we get funding.

I fired the last co-founder because he just wasn’t up to it when creating the fully functional MVP. He wanted to build a progressive web app instead of building an android, iOS, and web version. I can’t have people like that around who aren’t committed to the user experience. I hadn’t talked to any users or anybody else before because the idea is so secret, so we need to make sure we cover all our bases until we find out who the user will be.

About Me:

I’ve had 3 successful startups and exited all of them at very high prices. You should consider yourself lucky for the lottery ticket chance of being part of the 4th. I’m only on this site looking for a technical co-founder because I believe in “paying it forward.”

Are ready for a chance to get a seat on this rocket?

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    Lol! This is a joke right? But if it isn’t I would hate to work with someone like you 😂

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      There’s only way to find out, and that’s by trying to become a part of this journey to a $2 trillion IPO in 10 years. If you don’t play, 0% * $2 trillion = 0.

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    Hey, I think I might be a good fit. I am 32, at least a 10x developer. I have 20+ years in software development at multiple FAANG companies as well as 6 invalidated startups. I am an expert in blockchain, multiplattform development with React, React Native, Objective C, C++, Java, Swift, Meteor.js, Assembler, as well as Scala, Ruby, Crystal, created AR, VR projects, also done some things with Unity and Unreal Engine. Have implemented MVPs as well as many webscale projects with MongoDB, DynamoDB and some self written DBs as the current solutions just don't cut it.

    Highly motivated. I get bored in my freetime, so I just work more instead. Don't work well together with inferior engineers, so if you want to hire more people, keep that in mind.

    Sadly I only have minor 5+ years of experience in Robotics/Embedded, hope this is not a showstopper.

    However I need a minor salary of 400-700k on top of the proposed equity, but you obviously get a bargain.

    Looking forward to disrupt the web. Mark, Eric, Larry, Elon, Steve are kindergardeners compared to me…

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      I have the desire to get acquainted with you; seem like a good guy.
      I'm building out a system for virtual workplace and growth -working with strong playbooks and network strengths.

      Ping me and let's the conversation of what you have the desire to work on:
      [email protected]

      I'm very hard working and need to add 1-3 guys to the team that are passionate about software engineering: PHP, HTML(API), Python / Java.

      -Hope all is well

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      Thank you for considering this opportunity get in on the ground floor of the next Google. Your background seems impressive, but I noticed the absence of Erlang in your list. We might one day add in end-to-end encrypted messaging between users, but I can’t go too much into details at this stage. We need to be ready to scale massively into the billions of users, so without Erlang, you might not be able to keep up.

      Having said that, if you would be willing to consider a reduction in equity of the original up to 5% to make up for this deficiency, let’s talk! It may seem like a small stake, but this company is going to be worth 2x’s Google at $2 TRILLION post IPO. So even if you only own 2% of the company, that means you’re stake would be worth $40 billion* Let’s just say that’s peanuts to the 400-700k mentioned.

      I do wish to mention that these are not actual shares but options with a 10 year vesting period. If you decide to work for a competitor or you don’t turn out to be the top tech talent you claim to be (or anything else I judge to be a failure on your part), you will not actually get any shares.

      There are a lot of people dying to get this opportunity, so let’s talk to see if there a potential, possible, minor role for you here.

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    Hi! Do you need any Chief Design Officers? I'm an award-winning full-stack designer with 15+ years of experience. I work in the intersection between UX design, Steve Jobs, and rounded buttons. I started coding when I was 13.37 years old, but it was too easy. I wanted to program humans, not computers, so I became a designer instead.

    I think I would be a great culture fit as I've created products for millions of users in the past – all without interviewing a single one of them. All users do is asking for "faster horses", and that will never produce any innovative leaps forward like the new iPhone 12 pro.

    Check out my dribbble if you're interested.

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      Impressive: Going to design to program humans.
      More impressive: Building an AI algorithm that automatically applies for jobs on Upwork and then sub-contracts the work to freelancers without either the client or the freelancer knowing that it is interacting with AI.

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      Unfortunately, I’m using the existing budget for a private office in WeWork to show potential investors that we are a serious growth oriented, scalable startup, so you’ll need to work from home. How you arrange meals at home is your business.

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    I cannot accept your generous offer. Make it 3% and 20 lashings and I might consider it.

    1. 1
      • you build in .NET + ASP
      • we use Microsoft teams, yammer and MS Outlook to communicate
      • you build on Azure
      • we use Windows on all our machines
      • you patch vulnerabilities in all of the above
      • all marketing websites hosted on sharepoint


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      If you can go down to 10 lashings, we can talk.

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          damn that was good. i feel that

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          It’s the best if you aspire to be a big enterprise. Can’t be a big enterprise with some flimsy little Javascript framework. You need a big framework if you want to do big business and you need one that has a seal of quality by an established provider like Microsoft.... or even better.... Oracle.

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            Oracle!! I love nothing more than a vendor that removes features and adds a new price point to sell them back to you! Can I invest as well as work for nothing?

            1. 1

              I’ll have my legal team get in touch with your legal team.

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    LOL! Is that you GPT-3? Brilliant, pure art! I really enjoyed the part where you focus on the full production of user experience specifically before finding the users. Move over https://javascript.info/ninja-code, it is now time to be a Ninja founder.

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      A ninja / rockstar / evangelist / guru / wizard coder who can HALO parachute in is exactly the top 1% tech talent I’m looking for.

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