Looking for a Technical Co-Founder to Join An Experienced Product Team

Hey Indie Hackers,

My partner and I are looking to bring a technical partner into the fold on our SaaS project. We're currently a team of two who are both technically proficient although neither of us are true developers and know if we want to grow, we'll need that ingredient on our founding team for the long-term.

About Us

I personally have had two successful exits with start-ups, and am currently an advisor for another start-up that is going through an acquisition. By day I'm a technology executive at a large consulting company with a focus on marketing strategy and enterprise architecture.

My partner is a Senior Product Manager who runs monetization for a relatively large marketing platform and brings a ton of experience in how to strategically think about building and expanding SaaS platforms that people love.

Together, we have the right mix of experience to establish product/market fit, raise funding if needed, pivot as needed, and grow our network to get a solid product in the hands of the right audience, we just need a strong full-stack developer who's as ambitious as we are to build something awesome.


If you're a developer with solid frontend and backend experience who wants to chat more, hear about what we're doing, and possibly join the team, drop me an email at [email protected]!

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    Hi there! Your backgrounds sound awesome, and I'm interested in hearing about what you've got going on. I sent you an email!

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    hey! can you share a bit more?

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      Absoutely! Drop an email and we'll respond back with some details!

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