Looking for a technical cofounder or lead engineer for a Social Commerce x Food startup

Hi! I am currently working on a Social Commerce x Food startup. We are a team of two, with experience of successful launching and scaling startups. We have invested our own capital to test the market demand and raised the pre-seed funding.

My cofounder launched and scaled micro-mobility startup in APAC and raised $30m in funding. I scaled a B2B marketplace business from $0 to $2m ARR in a year. I came from sales, BD, and finance background. We are looking for a world-class CTO or Lead Engineer to join our founding team. We have experience from high-growth startup including Grab, Uber, GitHub, UIPath. Drop me a note if you are interested! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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    I'd be interested in chatting. Email and Twitter in my profile.

    Engineer turned founder turned PM. Have experience managing engineering teams, validating MVPs etc.

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      Thanks for your interest! Email sent. Looking forward to connecting soon.

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    Hit me up at Mmalkowskijr @ gmail.com I am working as an architect/software engineer for the past 15 years. A lot of experience in the finance space as well as scaling and cloud technologies

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      Thanks for your interest! Just sent over the email. Looking forward to connecting soon.

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    Hey @s8z, I am the Tech Lead at a food delivery startup, where I have built and scaled engineering teams & processes. I like what you have achieved so far. My email is ikhan77727 at GMAIL

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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      Thanks for your interest! Email sent :)

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    I'm Interested to hear more (mail in my profile)

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      Thanks for your interest! Email sent :)

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    Hey! Tech guy looking for a great and interesting project here. I'm currently working as a Senior Software Architect in a successfully fast-growing startup that rised +60m, I've been there since the early days of the company and it has been a journey. Nevertheless, I really like the idea of becoming an Indie Hacker and start investing in something I could own a bite. I've done a couple of projects in the past, as a freelancer, from idea to MVP operating at global scale and I'm sure I can have a great impact on your project! Let's talk?

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      Thanks for your interest! Would love to chat more. What's your email?

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