Looking for a techy business-wise sneaker-lover

Hey everyone
My previous post here helped me to find the people to work on things, so let's try again ;)

I’m looking for someone to join me (and two other people working with me, however, maybe one of them won’t be necessary anymore if cross-functionality works right) as a co-founder.

EU & UK (preferred)

Who am I looking for:
A person with a strong tech background, who can not only judge the code but also can say “hell no, let’s do this because ….” to business and/or marketing things. The person who lives in the world of: “we can do X in XT timeframe to improve Y to earn Z”. And (important) at least high-level understanding of what’s going in the world of sneakers.

About the product:
SaaS, Retail, e-commerce

Transform product launches from the current “nightmare” status to something fun & engaging to improve the lives of footwear retailers and their potential customers

Let’s say we’re at a post-MVP stage.

  • We already have people from all over the EU using the app (iOS & Android). And some of them are even paying us, even though we did nothing to make it happen.
  • Have a pool of hypotheses & ideas from customer dev., we need to turn them into features (or maybe something bigger).

Firebase, ruby, react native, swift

What you can get:
Access to some nice sneakers
Shares in the European company (amount to discuss)
Meet new people from the culture
"Fun" of running a business

Send me your sneaker pics, CVs or linkedins
Thanks in advance

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