April 8, 2019

Looking for advice from indie hackers?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

At IH we recently launched a new ask-ih page which gathers all questions hashtagged with ask-ih (go on and have a peek!). Courtland also wrote about it.

As a community manager here it is my job to curate the list carefully and feature the best posts. (Hint: the clearer and better formed QUESTIONS have a greater chance of being featured). I'd love to encourage you all to not only post with the hashtag, but to also dive in and answer some of the questions.

There are so many indie hackers here with varying perspectives, knowledge and experience. The more we can all contribute, the better!

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    Tip. Don't hide it under a hashtag. I for one don't associate a hashtag with a dedicated page. It's just another hashtag of which there a gazillion.

    Just make it a dedicated page, with a dedicated button on the navbar. Just like Ask HN which this emulates.

  2. 1

    Just gave it a try, excited to see some responses!

    (also, awesome work on the ask-ih page)

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