Looking to Partner Up October 22, 2020

Looking for backend developer: mongodb, express, node, graphql to collaborate on side project


My team and I are looking for a backend developer to join us in creating a product we are planning to launch in the next few months, or sooner.

A large portion of the front end / mobile app is already being developed using react / react native.

Our preference is someone who uses mongodb, express, node and can implement a GraphQL API. We are open to other technologies as well.

We are keeping the project small and simple in order to reduce the time commitment in the early stages.

It would also be great if you are somewhere in the western hemisphere, to make it easier to coordinate frontend / backend work but we're open to all regions.

If you're interested, reach out and we can schedule a chat :)

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    Hey Nigel,

    A great idea I must say! unfortunate I don't know Graphql, but people who know it this is like can we one of their main projects.

    Good luck in the future for finding a developer!

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    I'd be interested in hearing more. My background is as a full stack developer mostly with typescript (node) and C# and gradually developed to product owner and software architect. I co-founded https://apaleo.com/.

    Since you want to do something lightweight, I might have some better ideas how to develop and deploy the GraphQL API, then starting to roll out your own servers and DB. But more on that later, in private. You can reach me under [email protected]

    Cheers, Peter

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    Hi Nigel,

    Is this a paid position? I'm looking for part time side work while building my own project. I work with MEAN stack however I have not used GraphQL just yet, only looked into it out of curiosity. Learning something new is not a problem for me as I do it at least couple of times a year so I'm happy to chat if you think you might be interested.


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    If you're looking to quickly prototype something using GraphQL feel free to reach back, we're building https://www.baseql.com/

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