April 8, 2019

Looking for business partner for established business.

Stefan Smiljkovic @kinder

Hello indie hackers, are you good?

I am looking for partner from US (can be other countries as long its good for Internet Business.), who can register new business and bank account, to work with me on established business Vanila.io. which off web services for clients world wide.

Vanila.io is in business from 2015., worked with big clients like Keller Williams. Hicox, Croud and many others.

We have built various projects for us like Wireflow.co, Automatio.co, Moon.ly, and maintaining open source projects like Wekan (Trello like).

I need someone with background in Marketing and Business, Sales and Web Technology (this is mandatory).

Why I am looking for new partner?

I need person to help me scale the business, as new clients and projects arrive I can't handle it all alone. I need person to help me handle firm/bank registration, and to build a process of scaling the business.

We have everything to run this business, experience, crew of developers and designers (community of 4,000 members), background, past projects, clients database, social channels with more then half of million followers.

The business have lot of opportunity. The one who have experience will recognize the business value and opportunity Vanila.io have.

Here is the link to website so you can check https://vanila.io.

Feel free to share this if you know someone who might be a good fit.


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    What is a partner to you? Is this a paid job? Or an option to be a shareholder of the business. It might be worth clarifying as it is not clear.

    1. 1

      That is a good question. I had in mind shareholder, depending on the role, skills and value he can offer, would be %.

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