Looking for co-founder

Hi, looking for partners for the launch of the first browser dedicated to supporting Adobe Flash content. You can check it out at

( ideal partner needs to know the flash ecosystem & blockchain)

Browser has 3000 downloads in the first month on github:

Release v 1.0 FlashBrowser (Windows/MacOS and Linux ( no Android or iOS version )
YouTube + Tweeter Promotion Campaign

IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) to fund development of the browser + a WASM plugin

Launch Templates website ( providing source code for flash games & other coin use cases )

NFT Flash - Portal for developers to Buy and Sell original flash content. People can buy there favorite flash game as a NFT.


  • Developer ( Electron , Javascript, PHP)
  • Blockchain developer
  • Early stage investor
  • Flash Games content creator ( Youtube & Tweeter )
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    Why are you trying to support flash when major platform like windows, iOS are deprecated it's use ?

    1. 1

      Because of the Ecosystem ( Flash Proffessional Rebranded to Animate CC -> SWF File Format - AVM Virtual Machine )
      This is a powerful way to create and distribute conntent. Flash Player is out but can be replaced by Web Assembley and FlashBrowser can support full flash untill web assembly flash player is completed

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