Looking to Partner Up February 15, 2020

Looking for Co-Founder(s) for a Project "Newspaper Today 100 years ago"


Hey, I'm currently working on a project which is about showing the newspaper of "today a 100 years ago" on its site. The idea is that people may follow these articles which are pulled from original sources like online archives like some real life Netflix storylines. The sotires really happened and it could be cool to follow around the political or cultural stories of a time long past.
The web-app I'm currently developing is written in a JS Framework called Aurelia, but I could make the change to something like React JS. I'm looking for someone who is creative minded, has some web development experience and can think clearly about designing cool products to think toether about how we could make this a great Website that people want to have and use.

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    let me know if you want to work with a working journalist:
    [email protected]

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    Hey I am interested where can I contact you?

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    Hi i am interested . Do u have a live version available ?