Looking for cofounder with product design skills - eSports social platform

Hi everyone,

I am looking to take my project SquadPerks to new levels, and in doing so, I have realized the need for a co-founder that can complement my technical skill with marketing or product design skills. I am getting ready to start the development of a mobile app for this venture, and would really like to take on a partner that can really help push this idea and this product further. I would be open to discussion of more details about the product with anyone interested in the idea, ideally someone who has a passion in esports or gaming and sort of understands the needs of that particular subculture.

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    Hi Richard - as a casual gamer this sounds interesting. Would like to chat about it - you can reach me in my profile. Thxs.

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        Hi I didn’t get your email - checked spam filters. Can you try again or put a public email in your profile to contact? Thanks

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          I went ahead and added my email to my profile if that makes it any easier! Thanks!

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    Hi, would love to discuss more if you have a discord. My username is Ailuropoda#2207

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