Looking for collaborator for 6-12 month project: app rewrite for Fortune 500 company

About me
You can learn more about me at my introduction post here:

My goal is to sell this project to my existing client, finish the project to make some runway money, and then pass off the bulk of servicing this client to my collaborator (or we could sell it). It's good work, I'm just ready to move on.

About you
I'm not entirely sure who would be an ideal collaborator for me. I can see this project idea for different types of people:

  • A freelance developer who wants a new gig with regular income.

  • Someone who already has their own custom development business and wants to grow by taking on new reliable client.

I'm working to close a deal to rewrite a business app for a Fortune 500 company. I've been working for my client for the last 2 years as a subcontractor for a middle-man, but I'm about 75% of the way to getting them to sign with me and cut out the middle-man.

What I have to offer
I know the code - I know this application better than anyone else. I have been working on it for 7 years. I have been their exclusive developer/app support.

I know the client - For the past 2 years, my middle-man has had no contact with the client, I have been running the project on my own. I have a good rapport with my client and have discussed signing with me, and my client is very receptive to the idea.

I know the business rules.

I know the users well and can anticipate their needs.

What I need help with

I can't code this all by myself.

I want an accountability partner/project management help.

I don't know how to do anything like invoicing or setting up an LLC.

The Project
The client does all their business in a Windows app which is dying. The code is too tightly coupled to make any improvements, and even bug fixes are dangerous.

I have proposed, and the client is receptive: a phased rewrite where the most frequently used features are ported to a web app first, and then port over the others features as development continues.

The users would use both applications for a period. It's less than 10 users, and they are all pretty smart, so I do not thing training will be a huge issue.

The database also needs significant refactoring.

In the past, the client has budgeted around $270K/year to the middle-man.

I'm getting some signs that they do not want to pay $270K for a rewrite. I still have to complete an estimate for them, but I'm not great at estimating (resource suggestions are welcomed)

I think the project could be completed for less than $270K, which will make the client happy. However, that means less money for my team.

However, after the rewrite project is done, the client will still need regular technical support and new feature development. That is the the role which I have been doing: their ongoing tech support / developer. I would like to hand this off to someone else.

Stretch Goal
I think this rewrite could be done in a generic enough way that it could be packaged and resold to other companies with similar business needs. There are off-the-shelf products that my client could use, and maybe the best way to go about this is to migrate them to something off-the-shelf. I don't think they would want to change their workflow. Plus, they have custom use cases that can't be found off-the-shelf.

I have not made the generic-pitch to the client, and there is some risk involved (we'd have to avoid over-engineering). If we pitch the generic option to them as under some revenue sharing deal, I'm sure my client would be thrilled if their software generated revenue, but their top priority for the rewrite is to make their work day more efficient.

Next steps
If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please reach out and introduce yourself.

This post is MVP, please disregard typos.

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    Well I have no time to offer right now, so I skip my application. But thanks for the great post, very detailed & engaging.

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    HI. I'm a Senior Full-stack Dev. I would like to chat with you. Can you drop me an email at [email protected]

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    This looks (very) interesting. Thank you for the background and context.

    Please grab some time in my calendar:

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    Hey @WorkingOnBigContract!

    This thread looks great for you until now, plenty of interested people in the comments :)

    I'm running a small software development studio and I'm a developer myself which seems a great fit for your current situation.

    Even if you already found someone for this project I would still like to schedule a call. My gut tells me that you're an interesting person to know. :)

    Anyway, good luck with everything!


    P.S. You can reach me at: [email protected]

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    Hey man
    shoot me a mail would like to hear more about it

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    What is the technology hat you are planning to use to replace the current 'windows app' stack?

    I am a front end architect and have many years of experience in not only build tools but also help define mvp and therefore initial product development.

    I can really help in initial procurament and also in support development (either personally or by offsetting).

    If interested give me a shout and I will happily share with you what and how I can help.

    Ps: I live in UK but can cover both UK and US timezone.

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    I can help out with this. Please email us on [email protected] to see our portolfio of apps and coding applications we have built. Thank you.

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    Thanks everyone for the interest.

    I'll do some due diligence today and start setting up meetings for this week.

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      Thank you.Please email to see the portfolio.

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    I'm a new developer, with a few years experience(3), but I can build full-stack web applications. My tech stack is VueJs , Django or Node for backend, Mongo or Mariadb for Database, DRF (Django Rest Framework) for API(s), ExpressJs also for API(s) in Node.

    You can email me for more information like my GitHub, Website and LinkedIn


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    I am a professional developer with software engineering degree and ~7 years of experience in most aspects of software development cycle. I'm currently working on my own idea and freelancing (and thinking about starting a software agency) as a source of income that would allow me to finish my MVP.
    I specialize in bespoke web based systems (most of my experience is with insurance industry) and this sounds like something I could do, especially having a product owner who seem to know exactly what they want.
    I'd love to have a chat if you're interested - my email is in my profile.


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    Hi "Me",

    I've been doing the startup thing with my own company for the last almost 2 1/2 years. It's a Delaware C-Corporation with common stock and a note convertible to the primary owners (me and my wife).

    Our first business was credit monitoring and we built a community platform written in PHP that integrated with Experian and Square. The second is B2C Android mobile app written in Kotlin that is used for managing and locating Bluetooth devices with multiple integrations with Google services.

    I've used three different development companies, two different freelancers and have produced two different products (1 web app and 1 mobile app). I've also been a professional Product Manager in my past as well as a Manager for several firms running small teams of consultants.

    The company I use in Ukraine is excellent and very thorough with their estimations. They also are very good at project management, development and offer a shop with full spectrum of DevOps (design -> dev -> stage -> qa -> prod).

    If you're interested in doing something together or talking to someone at that shop, drop me a note.


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    I am interested to know more about your project. I have coding experience myself. Also have the ability to coordinate a development team if required.
    First thing that I want to know, how much of the functionality is documented.

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    I have a team of developers I work closely with across Romania & Ukraine. Let's arrange an intro call in the coming days to see if something can help with. My email's in my profile.

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    sounds interesting, lets discuss, my mail is in my profile

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