Looking for contractor/tech partner for Messaging Platform (B2B)

Ignore post - This role has been filled

I'm based in Manchester, UK - building a web app that helps local businesses initially collect reviews and communicate with their customers though SMS.

The vision is to turn local businesses into online businesses, we want local businesses to be easy to run, grow and buy from, this includes making buying from businesses one text away.

This works with every business including Dentists, Tyre Shops, and Car Garages. With COVID it’s more important than ever for businesses to provide convenient experiences that customers expect from online shopping.

I've had over 50 clients on our early access waiting list via. cold calling. UI/UX designs, MVP specs and investment strategies are complete.

With myself being a sales person, marketer, designer and business bee - I’m looking for a contractor/tech partner who can build part (I can get others) or all of the MVP in return for a revenue share/equity, and optionally come on-board full time after I raise investment.

A large chunk of MVP V1 will be based around Twilio API
I don’t mind the tech stack as long as we’re moving quickly, whether that be React.js, Node, PostgreSQL or anything else.

The aim is to reach £4.3M MRR by the end of the 4th year of launch.

Here's a preview of our launch roadmap, investment plan and more: http://bit.ly/2LEwqSM

Interested? Feel free to email me on [email protected] and we can have a quick call to see if we're a good fit.

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    Hey Daniel, sounds very interesting - just emailed you

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    @whitefrost Hi Daniel, I have sent an email.Thank you.

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      @whitefrost Hi Daniel, are you still looking for this role. Thank you.

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        Hi, Sent you an email.

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