Looking for copywriters

Hello Everyone,
We are iterating our web-based product (https://www.mycheckins.io) and are looking for a copywriter to help with crafting the right message. Please send me any referrals for copywriters. This is an on-going task as we are going to continuously iterate the product.


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    Hello There,
    Have gone through your requirement regarding I have skills what you looking for is this job
    please feel free to connect so that we can discuss further regarding the project.
    You can reach me at bellastone[dot]tis[at]gmail.com
    Skype- live:bellastone_5

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    Hey, I would be interested if you are still looking.
    Let me know.

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    Hi! First of all, I love your web design, really.

    I'm a non english native copywriter, but I'm practicing and improving my english copywriting, so if you are interested I'd love to take a look to your copy and give it a spin (for free, as I really like your project and I'd like to improve and practice).

    You have my email in my profile.


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