Looking for CTO / Co-founder to help build virtual games platform for remote teams - early customers include Google, Docusign, EY.

I've built an initial prototype of a virtual games platform to bring remote teams closer together. With the first version of my product I've already had teams from Google, Docusign, EY and the UK Royal Family host games with positive feedback across the board. I'm getting strong pull from the market already, with over 150+ companies to host 1500+ participants signed up for early access.

As more businesses move to remote-first / satellite / hybrid teams - there are a tonne of emerging challenges which must be tackled. One of the biggest problems is in employee isolation, team engagement and creating a culture that has tight social bonds. I believe games are a great way to bring people together in a meaningful way, but the landscape for games doesn't suit the needs for these types of engagements for remote working teams. The standard for how remote teams are getting together in my opinion is extremely poor, and there is a significant opportunity in this space.

The games are simple, classic team-based games that have video conferencing natively built-in (think Zoom games, except much better). This web-based version is a first iteration of where I see this company move, but I'm interested in building an immersive version of the product as XR technology improves. Screenshot of very early version is here: https://ibb.co/PwnJg61. I've proven willingness to pay from early set of customers, and virality is inherently built into the business model.

I have run a software business for the last 8 years and have won global brand deals and raised over $1mm in VC - I care about building impactful products that make the world a better place. I've built the first version of this virtual games platform myself in Node.js/React with Socket.io.

I'm looking for a senior full stack developer / CTO (ideally Node/React) with experience in building high-frequency / scalable web apps from an early stage - ideally you have experience with real-time, multiplayer web applications and/or games. You must be passionate about games in general, ideally a competitive self-starter with a huge work-ethic, care deeply about user experience and be excited about the future of remote work.

If you're interested in learning more and having a conversation, please send an email to [email protected] - with a reason why you could be the right person for this, and with something impressive / relevant you have built. I'll happily share more specifics from there.

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    Awesome! dropped an email.

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    I really love everything about this. I just sent you an email :)

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