Developers December 1, 2020

Looking for dev help to build Prospect Role - Lead gen SaaS tool

Martin @martinknapic

Hi all, I am Martin and I am the creator of Prospect Role.

After a couple of months, I managed to acquire 1200 users on a freemium model which partially proved the concept and based on the feedback I am now moving to the next step. I want to build the application with dev team or Full stack developer. I am open to long term collaboration (would also consider partnering up).

If you are one of the guys or you know anyone willing to jump on a new project I am willing to open the discussion.

Here is a bit more info about the project and what I am trying to build:

Lead generation web app that will help users to generate a
list of prospects with verified emails and additional enriched data points being provided by individual API services (developed or 3rd party API services)

The product will require the following components.
Frontend (react) built with existing template components (open to alternatives)
Experience handling tables and data points in Frontend is desired but not mandatory. Looking for best practices to handle uploaded datasets via excel files, CSV or feeds coming from APIs and being presented in the Table UI (Table view, filtering, formatting, sorting...)
User management (Basic authentication options like Google account, ...) + Credit balance per user or team. Credits are being subtracted from the account with the usage of the tool based on specific criteria of use.
Payment service (possibly Stripe)
Several API modules (starting with the development of one only) available to feed Frontend web app and being available as "stand-alone API service" - proper API documentation required.

API module will follow the rules of a few workflows and decision trees. We will also use and communicate with 3rd party API service(s) and integrate the payload information into internal workflows (In some case directly to the tool and in some via our API service. The final requested payload from the user will be provided to the Frontend solution.

End design mocks (prototype) in Adobe XD will be provided. Frontend components will be taken from the potential React template that will potentially be bought for that MVP solution. Example:

Current status:
Company is not yet incorporated. I am looking for dev services as an individual. Looking for a team to work with for a longer-term. First to build affordable MVP, later to continuously work on the solution after we secure the investment form investors.

I'll appreciate any hints or comments. Thanks! You can contact me via support ticket.

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    1200 users, damn son

    1. 1

      None of them are paying yet, so let's not get too juicy too soon 😁 hehe

      1. 1

        but you got an audience!

        1. 1

          Absolutely, that's definitely a good part of it. Got some valuable feedback out of it.

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    We are interested in helping out. Please email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

  3. 1

    This looks interesting.

    Congrats on 1200 users!

    It would be useful if you posted what compensation you offer or what's your budget?


  4. 1

    Zveni zanimivo! ;) I'm looking for a new side project, I believe I have the skills (and time too). Sending an e-mail.

  5. 1

    How do you plan on acquring the data? Web scraping?

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        and do you already have the scraper built?

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    I have nothing valuable to add, just wanted to say congratulations on getting 1200 users and good luck! 😁

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    I might have the skills required to build such thing. If you have reasonable compensation, hit me up and we can talk!

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